How to make a new beer with the power of the Internet

The internet has been a big part of the craft beer industry for years.As the industry continues to expand, craft brewers have been innovating to make new and innovative beers that they can sell in stores and at bars.There is a ton of great beer to be made in this space, and it’s just about […]

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What papermakers can learn from the best of the best

By Lauren DeSantis, Bleacher Staff WriterPosted March 02, 2018 09:50:07I recently spent time with several papermakers, and their advice on papermaking came in handy.Some of the most interesting tips were in the book Papermaking by Chris Ritter, who is the author of the popular blog, Papercrafts.The book contains everything from the basics of papermaking to […]

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American Papermakers Shuts Down in Response to Kimberly Papermakers

Kimberley Papermakers announced it will shutter its factories by the end of the year, citing low sales, rising health care costs and a downturn in the stock market.“We are unable to provide the level of service and value our customers expect from us as we transition to a digital future,” Kimberly’s statement said.The company, based […]

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When you buy paper, buy a papermaker

When you’re shopping for paper, the only way to make sure you get the best paper is to buy a good papermaker, and that’s where we come in.But where do you start?It’s important to note that there are many different papermaking models, which are all different in terms of what kind of paper is best […]

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The Hornification of Paper Making in the 21st Century

Hornification is a process whereby a paper’s composition is replaced by one or more organic fibers that are more resistant to breaking.Paper is made up of fibers, usually polypropylene, and fiber-based paints, often acrylics, are used to add strength to the paper’s appearance.While these paints have been widely used for over a century, they are […]

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How to make your own Sugeta paper: the basics

By Kim Min-hoThe first thing you need to know about Sugeta, the soft paper that’s used in a wide variety of things is that it’s incredibly durable.Its high-density polymer is used to form paper, and its softness means that it won’t unravel or peel, even when the temperature is cold.Its great for writing and drawing, […]

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