The New Zealand papermaking revolution

A New Zealander who loves to write has been inspired by the American papermaking industry to create his own papermaking company.

“My father had a paper mill and he used to tell me stories about it,” writes Kimberly Martin in a new video about the New Zealand-based company, Bully.

“The idea of making paper is very exciting to me.”

Martin, who has a masters degree in journalism from the University of Auckland, began her papermaking career in 2010 with a paper made with a cardboard cutter and a large-scale laser cutter.

She started the company in 2010, but it took years to make the products that are now sold online and in New Zealand.

The company started by selling papermaking supplies in 2014.

“I had some leftover cardboard and a few plastic bags and I went to a small workshop to make some paper,” she said.

“It was so cheap and so fun.

We were so excited to be making it.”

The company now sells a range of papermaking materials including pulp paper, wood, card stock, and cardboard, with more products planned.

Bully was founded in 2013 and has since expanded to offer a range in papermaking.

The paper making business is a very competitive industry.

“We are competing with the print industry, but we’re also competing with other things like furniture,” Martin said.

Bitty is currently working with a local furniture retailer to offer an online retail outlet for its papermaking products.

“A lot of people want to make their own paper and we’re going to give them that,” she added.

“That’s the beauty of the business.

You can make everything from the paper itself.”

Martin said the company would like to sell papermaking accessories such as paper towel covers and napkins online, and hopes to expand into a furniture and furniture accessories business.

“In the future, we’re definitely looking at creating a business for the furniture industry and possibly the furniture department,” she told CBC News.

“But the biggest thing is that we want to bring the art to the table.”

A new papermaking craze in New York City is also sparking a new papermakers’ boom.

In 2017, the New York Times Magazine published an article on the growing popularity of the DIY papermaking community, where people were creating their own custom papermakers to meet their needs.

“People were starting to make things, like a paper printer, which they would sell at local events or they would send to other people,” said the article, which described a young woman who started out making paper in a house in Brooklyn with her family.

“She’d do it as a hobby, but then eventually she found that she was doing it to make paper and that was what she wanted to do.”

Martin says the papermaking boom has sparked a new wave of papermakers, with hundreds of people from across the country creating their very own designs online.

“They are making these little designs, and they are sharing them with each other and everyone is kind of amazed by it,” she explained.

“These little pieces of paper that you can print on the back of a napkin or a paper bag, it’s really cool.”