Why does a book’s title matter?

Chinese publishers say they’re seeing a surge in interest in titles after an international competition that started last week to name the most prestigious books in the world, the New York Times reported.

A few hundred Chinese and Indian authors and publishers have signed up to the competition that was held in China’s largest city, Chengdu.

It is one of the biggest of its kind, said Zhu Zhenhua, the president of the International Book Writers’ Association.

He said the book’s name will be revealed in early November.

China, the world’s largest book exporter, has been working to expand its role in publishing in the last decade, when the country saw its economy slow down and its publishing market shrink.

China has struggled to bring back lost sales from the closure of its last bookstore in 2007 and has struggled with the loss of the world-famous and famous-to-me genre of romance and thrillers, which are popular in China and are popular on the Internet.

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