What’s in a Papermaker’s Pocket? The Best Papermakers in China

Eighteen-year-old Shuan Jiang, who’s been making papercraft since he was five, doesn’t need a job to make anything with his hands.

He’s a papermaker himself, having started making paper crafts as a child.

He says he learned how to make a variety of papercraft items, including the cranes, the ladders and the wooden boats.

He admits his favorite papermaking tool is a paper knife.

But that’s not the only one that he likes to use.

“I also like to make decorative paper with a variety.

I use different paper types and colors to make different things,” he said.

“My favorite color is pink.”

Shuan says he also enjoys making paper items with his feet.

He recently made a little wooden toy boat out of bamboo.

Shuan was born and raised in China, which is considered the “paper country” in China.

His parents are both papermakers.

“Our family is from China.

We have two families, one is papermaking and one is making toys,” he explained.

Shua said he enjoys making his own paper and says it’s easy to learn.

“It’s fun.

I can make paper with my feet,” he added.

Shaun, 17, makes his own toys for his family.

His hobby includes creating cute dolls with his two brothers.

He said he likes papercraft because he can make different items with the same material.

“When you make a papercraft, you can use different materials,” Shaun said.

He added that he is a big fan of the crane papermaker preschool program in Chinas primary school.

He describes the curriculum as a way to give kids a hand at creating their own papercraft.

“The kids are learning how to use different tools to make their own things.

The materials they use are very easy to make, so it’s very fun,” he told MTV News.

Shuo, 17 makes his homemade cranes out of paper.

“One of my favorite things is to make wooden boats,” Shuo said.

The boy says he enjoys working with his dad’s papermaking skills.

“He makes wooden boats that are sturdy, and sturdy, they can be used for fishing,” he recalled.

“So it’s fun to make and to work with.

It’s a fun thing to do.

He also makes a wooden house.

We make houses, so I can decorate it.”

Shuo says he is proud of his work and hopes to pursue a career in the papermaking industry.

“As long as I can do this, I can have a good life,” he shared.

“Even if I’m just making paper, I think paper making is fun.”