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The first Japanese-language anime series to hit TV screens since the release of the American anime film Dragon Ball: The Legend of the Galactic Heroes in 2012, Awagami: Awagama no Isekai wo Shigekai no Naka de. is an adaptation of a Japanese light novel series by Shouko Nakagawa (Naked Gun) and Takeshi Nakayama (Hikaru no Go).

It stars a character named Iseka Hata (aka “Awagami”) who lives in the city of Tamaoka and is one of the few remaining Awagamen in the world.

She is one-time friend of a young boy named Naka (aka The Guy), who’s a member of the Awagaman group who has lost his memory after a tragic accident in which his body was hit by a car.

It was a turning point in his life and eventually, Isemah was able to find a place of comfort.

The series, which premiered in Japan in 2013, is set in a fictional Japanese city, but it was released in English for the first time in the U.S. in 2015, thanks to a partnership between Japanese anime and U.K.-based Warner Bros. TV.