Which Indian Papermakers Made the Most Famous Paper?

On Monday, the Indian Papermaking Guild, which represents the country’s best-known hand papermakers, released its 2016 Best Paper of the Year.

The guild’s 2016 winner, which was awarded to the renowned and long-standing Indian painter Ganesha, was also awarded to renowned Indian artist Rajan, who was also recognized as one of India’s top 10 best-paid artists.

In terms of number of awards and accolades, the 2016 Best paper was made by the legendary Indian artist Rani.

Rajan, one of the countrys most well-known artists, was awarded the prestigious Indian Hand Paper Awards 2016.

The papermaking guild also said the award for best hand papermaker was also given to its member artist, Sharmila Srinivasan, for her work.

Rani, who is best known for her works of hand paper, also took home the award in the category of best painter.

Srinasan, the winner of the 2016 award, also received the prestigious Award for Excellence in Art from the National Academy of Arts of India.

According to the Indian Hand Writing Guild, its membership has reached more than 150,000 people and represents around 20,000 of the world’s leading Indian writers.