What to read next on the Australian cricket calendar?

The last time Australia had to face Pakistan was in 2008, and it was a tough test.

The Test match in Sydney is still remembered as the Test of the century, but Pakistan’s run of five consecutive losses has led to the ICC’s governing body being asked to reconsider its decision not to invite the country to the Test series in 2019.

“It’s something we’re really considering and looking at, whether or not to make any changes,” ICC chief executive David Richardson told the Guardian on Tuesday.

“But the ICC will look at that.”

The Pakistan Cricket Board, which has hosted the Ashes series three times, will be hoping to convince ICC officials that it can win back the Ashes and the Test match it lost in Sydney.

But the cricket world is split about how much they can afford to lose in a series of six Tests and four ODIs.

The cricket world has a collective aversion to seeing India and Pakistan go out and play a series in the World Twenty20 format, but Richardson said that is no longer a factor.

“If we’re able to maintain that form, we have a really good chance of winning the Ashes, if we can stay with that form,” Richardson said.

“What I think we’ve got to realise is we’ve just got to be a little bit more careful about how we go about it.”

The Australian team will have to be at its best in each match, and that is a big ask.

The series is being played at the MCG, where Australia has won three Ashes titles, with the final match being held at the Oval.

The final Test of this Ashes series will be played in Adelaide on June 13.

The Adelaide Oval will host Australia’s final Test, with Pakistan expected to come to the stadium in the second week of June.

It is the first Test in Australia’s domestic calendar since it hosted the last Test in Melbourne in July.

Australia is expected to go out to bat in Sydney on June 9, as they prepare for the final Test.

If Pakistan wins both Tests in Adelaide, Australia will finish the series with the top-ranked Test team in the world.

If they win both, Australia would finish with the third-ranked team in world cricket.

“That’s why we’re here in Adelaide in the first place.

We’re here to see what happens,” Richardson told reporters on Tuesday morning.

“We’re looking forward to getting there and getting going.”

The next Ashes Test will be held at Adelaide Oval on June 18.