A hand papermaker for everyone

How do you make your paper?

In a nutshell, you just use a paper cutter to cut a hole in the middle of your piece.

You then fold it up like a folded letter, and voila!

You have a hand-made paper!

We have the best hand-making and origami papermaking videos online.

In this episode of The Origami Machine, we’re talking with one of the best origami machine makers in the world, Josh Hagerty.

Josh has worked on origami machines all over the world and he loves origami so much, he made this video.

If you’re looking for origami videos for the origami enthusiast in your life, check out his videos on YouTube.

Josh is a passionate origami maker who loves making origami.

He is an origami artist who also loves helping others make origami with his hands.

In the last few years, Josh has also worked on the world’s first “futuristic origami” machine, which was used to create a futuristic, futuristic origami house in Singapore.

Josh loves making things that look like origami and he has a lot of cool ideas for future projects.

Check out his YouTube channel for more awesome origami projects.

In addition to his amazing origami creations, Josh also does a lot more origami, making hand paper, fabric and more.

If he’s in your area, check him out and check out some of his other awesome origamis.

If there’s anything you can’t see in the video above, Josh is also on Facebook and Instagram and you can find him on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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