How to make a paper-like ball using only a pencil and paper

The idea of making a ball using a pencil, ruler and paper is something that has been around for decades.

But until now, you had to have a pen or a sharp object, like a sharpie, to do the work.

The papermaking community, however, is trying to come up with a new way to make paper-based objects, according to Kimberly Bentsley.

She and her husband Kimberley Edwards are two of the original founders of the papermaking industry, which they started in 1984.

Their goal was to make inexpensive, easy-to-use tools that would help paper makers create the kind of beautiful, smooth and functional objects that can’t be made using a saw or a table saw.

Bentsley said they found a way to combine traditional and new tools to create a paperlike object.

The idea was to combine a sharp pencil, paper and a ruler.

That made it easy to get the pencil and ruler together in one package.

Bents and Edwards also made a paper mache kit, which is a combination of paper, glue, water and salt.

This makes the tool even easier to use.

Bends said they decided to use the kits to make balls for their children and to make decorative paper crafts.

Bends said the papermache kit was used to make an adult ball, and then they had to make something for their little ones.

They started by using a Sharpie pen to make two little balls.

The ball was then cut out using the sharpest, most precise tools they could find.

Bings said it took about an hour to make the two balls.

“We just wanted something that was super soft and smooth, and that could be used as a toy,” she said.

The kids loved making these little balls, and the kids liked playing with them too, she said, adding that she thought the balls would be a good way for them to introduce their little one to papermaking.

Bets said the balls are perfect for children who are just starting out, or just wanting to get their feet wet in the art of papermaking, as well as for adults who are making paper and want to learn about the process.

Bens said the kids and their families can be part of the fun, too.

She said the ball also works great for the papermaker who wants to create some of their own designs.

“It’s really easy to use, and I can really get the design out of my head,” she told News24.

“So, for me, that’s really important.”

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