How to make a paperbook from scratch

I started making paperbooks from scratch a couple of years ago and it’s become a hobby I love.

This article will share how to make the basic paperbook I made for my wife, a book I’m currently working on.

The goal is to print out a standard notebook, fold it into a book, and print the book out.

Here’s how: I chose to make my book for my daughter, so I used a cheap notebook I had laying around. 

The notebook is very inexpensive. 

I cut the paper with a serrated blade, and then used a sharpie to draw a series of lines. 

This creates the outline of the book. 

After the outlines are cut, I took the notebook and folded it in half and put it in a bag.

I put the half folded book in the back pocket of my backpack and printed it out. 

Now that the notebook is folded, it’s time to cut the pages.

I cut my pages in half, and I used my serrated knife to cut them in half. 

Once I’ve cut each half, I lay them on top of each other and lay them in a pile. 

Then I use a ruler to make sure that I’m in the correct position for each half of the page. 

At this point, I take a picture and then cut the book in half again, making sure that the pages are aligned correctly. 

When I have finished cutting the pages, I mark the edges of the pages with a pencil and glue them in place. 

Here’s the finished notebook I made: I love making paper books, and this one is really easy to print.

The only thing I’ve done differently is I made it a little bit smaller so it’s easier to fold it in thirds. 

In the future, I plan to make larger and larger paperbooks to sell to customers, and it would be fun to make one for my kids.