Papermaking Japans greatest papermaker, the owner of the most amazing papercraft collection

I had a great time getting my hands on the latest iteration of Papermaking Museum at the Papermaking Salon in downtown Las Vegas. 

The collection is amazing, to say the least. 

I was fortunate enough to walk around the building and see the entire collection, which was full of gorgeous papermaking objects that were all hand-picked by the owner. 

Among the more unique pieces were the original handmade papercraft of the first American woman to become a painter (she’s been working as a professional artist since the 1960s). 

In addition, I saw a papercraft model of a woman who’s made her mark in the world of painting and sculpture, but whose work has not yet been seen by the public. 

Other pieces from the museum were a giant wooden model of an old wooden boat with a large, modern-day sign that reads “My Boat”, and a massive piece of a wooden boat that was built by the man who would be the father of the modern day sea captain. 

All in all, the Papermakers collection is truly astounding. 

And I couldn’t be more proud of my fellow attendees who helped me pick my favorites! 

You can view more of the collection on Flickr here: