How to make a Chinese paper in a day

The first papermaking in China is often made in a brick factory.

There are two main factories that make the bricks: Dongdong Paper Factory in Shenzhen and the Hangzhou Paper Factory.

It produces about a million sheets per day, according to the papermaker’s union, the China Papermakers’ Union.

“You can make one sheet every 15 minutes,” Wang said.

He said a Chinese worker making a sheet could earn as little as 10 yuan ($1.27).

That makes papermaking a decent career option for the first-time worker.

But you need to have a decent degree to work in the brick factory, Wang said, adding that you will probably need to learn the trade to get a good job.

There’s no shortage of online jobs to fill.

A Chinese worker on a factory floor in Shenyang, which makes more than 30 million sheets a day.

Image source The papermaker union also offers classes online for people to learn more about how to make the paper.

They also give advice on making the paper, Wang added.

And some papermakers have started making their own paper, although there’s no guarantee it will last long enough for the paper industry.

China Paperworkers’ Union member Zhang Hu says he’s worked in the Shenzhen brick factory for about four years.

The papermaking industry is not a glamorous industry.

Zhang said it can be tough to make money, even though he has good grades.

Zhang says he and a friend make about 60,000 sheets per week.

“I know that I need to be good, but I don’t have the money,” Zhang said.

Zhang works as a machine operator and earns about 30,000 yuan a month.

His parents told him he needs to work harder to make ends meet.

“The problem is that we have been working for the past six years to earn money, and we can’t keep up,” Zhang told Engadge.

He worries about his family’s future.

The Shenzhen Papermakers’, China Papermaking’ Union has also opened a website,, to help workers.

The website offers advice on working in the papermaking world.

It provides an overview of the different paper making industries and how to get started.

And it has free workshops for workers.

China’s Papermakers have also organized a national conference in October.

There will be about 1,200 participants.

It will focus on topics like papermaking technology, papermaking skills, paper making skills and papermaking equipment.

“We hope the national conference will encourage people to look up Chinese papermaking,” Wang told

He also said more workshops are planned in the coming months.

China has a population of more than 6.3 billion people, according the UN.

Many people are making a living from papermaking.

The government is investing in more production of paper, but Wang said that’s not enough to meet the demand.