Why we have a Camas papermaker mascot

The footballers of Camas have a mascot.The papermakers of the South of France have a logo too, but their mascot has been an entirely different animal for the last 50 years.The club’s mascot was a female monkey named Chien-Chien, and the monkey’s name is Camas.This year’s mascot is a male.It was born at the end […]

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How to build a home studio on a shoestring

By Sarah Parnass/Business Insider We’ve seen a lot of amazing, crazy home decor ideas from designers over the years.And one of the most popular, though perhaps not the most surprising, is to build your own house.The problem with this DIY approach is that it’s incredibly time consuming and expensive.It takes a lot more time than […]

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What do you need to be a professional papermaker?

Papermaking is an art, a science, a craft, a passion and, yes, a career.You can be a papermaker and an artist, a teacher and a teacher-in-training, a freelance designer and a writer, an engineer and a contractor.It’s not an easy thing to pick up and it requires a certain amount of time, dedication and knowledge.It […]

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Canadian papermaker to shut down amid budget crisis

Papermakers in Canada and abroad are preparing for the possibility that their business will be shut down within months.The news comes as the Canadian Association of Papermakers says it is struggling to cover costs for the coming year.It’s estimated that the average papermaking machine costs between $2,000 and $4,000.But with the budget crisis forcing the […]

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Which is better: papermaking or sewing?

By now you probably know that papermaking is a great career option for most women.But not for all women, or for many of them, at least not if you live in a country where papermaking can only be done by women, and not in a factory.As an example, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports […]

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Papermakers alum in a post-college job

Papermakers are back in the workforce.For the first time in several years, papermakers are getting paid more than any other profession.As of May, the median papermaker salary in the United States was $52,300.That’s up 6 percent from 2016, according to an analysis by the Labor Department.Papermakers also earn more than all other industries except accounting, […]

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